Gov. of Cuba Condemns US Attack on Syria Targets

The US bombing of targets in Syria. Photo: AP /


HAVANA TIMES – The Cuban government condemned the “unilateral” bombing carried out by the United States against Syria and considered it an “outrage against a sovereign state,” dpa news reported Saturday.

“This unilateral action, outside the Security Council of the United Nations, constitutes a flagrant violation of the principles of International Law under the Charter of that organization,” said an official statement of the Cuban Government.

The Cuban authorities said the attack “intensifies the conflict in the country and in the region.”

Early Saturday morning, the United States along with France and the United Kingdom carried out a series of attacks on Syrian facilities allegedly related to the production and storage of chemical weapons, according to the Pentagon.

The Cuban authorities noted that the US attack on Syria was carried out “without having demonstrated the use of chemical weapons by the Government of that country.”

The Castro government stressed that the attack took place when the visit of the Technical Secretariat of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) that would inspect the Syrian town of Duma had still not been made.

The official note published on the front page of the state newspapers indicates that Cuba “firmly rejects the use of these weapons and others of mass extermination, by any actor and in any circumstance.”

Cuba expressed its solidarity with the “Syrian people and Government for the loss of life and material damage as a result of this atrocious attack.”

3 thoughts on “Gov. of Cuba Condemns US Attack on Syria Targets

  • Trump is a total disgrace to Humankind. He has made a mockery of the values that true Americans hold dear. He has intentionally disenfranchised people of color, women, the working class and the working poor. He is mentally unfit and his narcissistic personality disorder and fascination with Nazii enthusiasts is dangerous. The vast majority of Americans do not support this tyrant; however, white America fears any real change and Equality for All!

  • “Reason and democr[ac]y will return soon….”. I hope that you are right. It has been nearly 60 years, however, and although ‘hope springs eternal’, things are not looking so good for the Cuban people for any kind of significant change anytime soon.

  • I am very disappointed with the government statement and am left wondering what is the governments political reasoning and advantage. The statement, in support of Assad and his regime, is disheartening. For me, Cuba’s support is the same as if they supported Hitler’s genocide. 500,000 children, women, and men are dead over the past 8 years of this conflict and about 13,000,000 others are displaced with broken hearts and families, relations brutally killed including gas extermination while locking people up in pig pens. Assad is brutal and there are numerous poison gas production and distribution facilities all over Assad controlled areas. The French intelligence determined he did this too. The US had blood samples and determine what. Cuba’s Russian propaganda rhetoric is just that – Russian propaganda. The US was not alone in this. The attack was a coalition of 3 countries. Even with this attack Assad has many more faculties and his evil use of these gases to kill poor Syrians is evil incarnate.

    I know that Cuba is upset with Trump, but so are we Americans and cannot understand the stupidity of his victory, his governance absuridty aside, except to think that dumb people voted him in along with his caste of other corrupt rich people that are in on the take and gain just like him. Remember he did not win the popular vote losing it by 3 million votes gaining the office only through an electoral college formula I still do not understand. He was emboldened by the luxury of the party of the day for him – and by the money centric of these congressional Republicans in on the take of money and power. The end is insight and the Congress will convert to Democratic control. Chances are well over 70% that he will not be President for much longer. I think our next president will work to reopen our economic, trade, travel relations and kill the fucking embargo forever. USA Americans want to go to Cuba and work with Cuba and when I tell them I spent over 6 months they want to hear more and are VERY excited that they will travel to Havana and more then a few say they want to travel the island on a motorbike, I explain that notwithstanding the poverty I the Cubans I met, the friends I made, the history and the hardworking people were so loving and kind to me. I love Cuba and look forward to seeing it before I have to leave the planet. Cuba should never subjugate their values, that many do not understand, to especially to Trump and his cronies. Reason and democry will return soon and it will not be good or strategic for a Cuba aligned with a brutal person such as Assad of his agents such as Russia. Why would you act this way and say these things. I thought you were better than this. I am sad. I thought you were smarter than this. Why Cuba? You are not a Soviet client state anymore. Please do not attach this way.

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