Gov. Richardson Seeks NM-Cuba Trade

By Circles Robinson

US-Cuba trade potential is vast.  Photo: Caridad
US-Cuba trade potential is vast. Photo: Caridad

HAVANA TIMES, Aug. 26 – New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson is in Cuba this week to seek a market for his state’s agricultural products and to promote cultural exchange.

Allowing Cuba to export to the US goes beyond the talks since the US economic blockade on the island totally forbids it.

It also keeps Cuban ships from transporting cargo between the two nations, something that was a daily affair before the 1959 revolution that Washington never approved of.

Sales of agricultural products are permitted for humanitarian reasons, instituted in December 2001, after the island’s main crops were devastated by Hurricane Michelle, however the conditions are highly unfavorable for Cuba.  Purchases must be in cash without financing.

Nonetheless, the limited -compared to the potential- commerce has served as a wedge whereby both US producers, exporters and a growing number of Congress people and Cuban representatives and strategists have joined to try and bring a new era of restored normalized trade between the two neighboring countries.

During the following years of the George W. Bush administration, when US-Cuba relations hit rock bottom, the agricultural sales continued but any hopes of expanded two-way trade or restored diplomatic relations was off the table.

While some talks have reportedly taken place behind the scenes between officials of the Castro and Obama governments, to date the US president has, like his ten predecessors in the White House, maintained the economic stranglehold on the island as well as the travel ban on ordinary US citizens from visiting Cuba.

3 thoughts on “Gov. Richardson Seeks NM-Cuba Trade

  • Don’t be impatient. Obama has very different views than Bush, across the board. He immediately opened up more visitation and money exchange.
    We in the US have some serious problems to fix after the past 8 miserable years. Be patient, things are heading in the right direction.
    Be also aware that with increased trade comes the danger of “Americanization”, something I would hate to see in Cuba.
    However, when trade is opened, I would love a few pounds of your sublime coffee, the best I have ever tasted. Or was it the environment where I drank it?

  • Obama is losing his hold on most USA citizens.

    The reason being …. most of the citizens do not wish to become communist. We like being “Americanized”.

    Unfortunately,we have folks like Elaine Harbison that live and benefit from living in the USA while tearing her down.

  • I look forward to a progressive trade agreement with Cuba. Havana can become the Las Vegas of the Carribean. It will generate 100’s of jobs in US,even more in Cuba. Tourism trade will be awsome….An opportunity for investment so long ignored by ignorant politicians.


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