Government willing to release more prisoners

HAVANA TIMES, Oct. 4 — Representatives of the Cuban opposition considered that the island’s government could release more than 60 political prisoners with the condition that they leave the country, in addition to the 52 agreed upon with the Catholic Church and Spain, reported IPS.

One thought on “Government willing to release more prisoners

  • The logic behind having arrested so many oppositionists — and thus making them into cuddly little political prisoners — can only be the bureaucratic fear that the words and example of these people would lead to some sort of “snowball” effect in cuban society: which the government could not control, past a certain point. But as should be obvious, the REAL issue here is: why does the cuban bureaucracy/government/Party distrust so many of its own people..? And the answer to that should be obvious too: because it is *projecting* its manifest failures onto the population — rather than taking a good, long look in the mirror at its own reality and failed praxis.

    However the recent major decisions of this bureaucracy and Party well demonstrate, instead, that these hierarchs apparently have little-to-no intention of ever looking at themselves in that mirror… And so rather, they dance to the logic and tune of the de facto World imperial system — rather than to the needs and democratic wishes of their own populace.

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