Granma Newspaper Director Gets the Boot

By Fernando Ravsberg

The director of Cuba’s leading newspaper gets the boot, but nobody’s telling why?

HAVANA TIMES – The director of Granma, the official Cuban Communist Party newspaper, is dismissed and the explanation given does not complete 4 lines.

“Due to errors committed in the fulfillment of his responsibilities, the Party Directorate decided to dismiss Pelayo Terry Cuervo as editor of the Granma newspaper. Until a new director is appointed, the current deputy director, Oscar Sánchez Serra, assumes those functions.”

The lack of transparency of those who control the Cuban press is proverbial, their sanctions are always exemplary and their power continues to be unlimited.

The dean of the University of Havana journalism faculty, Raul Garces, said a few days ago that the Party Politburo has given all the power to the newsrooms, “the directors have the maximum responsibility for what is transmitted!”

Of course, it is better that the Director makes “good use” of that freedom because the purifying bonfire is maintained with dry firewood; the Defenders of the Faith always carry the torch in hand and the campfire can be started with an explanation of less than 4 lines.