Group of Cuban-Americans Oppose US pressure against Cuba

HAVANA TIMES, April 27 — A group of Cuban-Americans met on April 16 and 17 in Washington with US congressional representatives, members of the US State Department and the Cuba Interests Section in the US to exchange views on relations between the two countries.

Members of Cuban Americans For Engagement (CAFE), are in favor of policies of greater exchange with the island and don’t feel represented by “the positions of Cuban-Americans who currently hold the positions of senators and congresspeople on Capitol Hill,” read the news note.

In the meeting with the representatives of the Cuban government, CAFE members urged them to adopt policies “that promote a better relationship and understanding between all those of the Cuban nation, made up of people on the island and in the diaspora.”

The proposals presented were related to topics such as opportunities for Cuban-American investment on the island, the elimination of travel restrictions to the island, the high prices for consular services and Cuban passports, exit permits and travel authorizations, and the elimination of prejudices against Cuban-Americans.