Growing Investment in Varadero Beach Resort

HAVANA TIMES, May 3 — Large investments are being implemented in Cuba’s Varadero beach resort to expand the room capacity of hotels and to receive foreign visitors, reported the Prensa Latina news agency.

Alexander Fuentes, the technical director of the Tourism Construction Works Enterprise Group, said work is currently underway on three major facilities: the Gaviota Marina, the Patriarca Hotel and the expansion of the Princesa del Mar Hotel.

The program seeks to strengthen the preference for the island’s principal beach and its international positioning. For this, the Enterprise Group is providing for the rehabilitation a score of works. Actually rehabilitation will carried out during the low tourist season.


One thought on “Growing Investment in Varadero Beach Resort

  • who spends more? a tourist on a 7/14 day vacation in a $100-$200/day hotel or a backpacker who spends $300-$500 week for 8 weeks? but there are no backpaker hotels/hostels in cuba. the ministry of tourism should do some simple mathematics. packpacker hotels make more money as a percentage of capital investment. it´s like a supermarket that sells strawberries but won´t sell raspberries. boysenberries, cranberries, blueberries and blackberries would also make money. there are any number of tourist groups apart from the traditional ones that the cuban ministry of tourism is concentrating on now. the ministry of tourism should do some research especially in the most sucessful tourism countries but no country does it perfectly and i see most of the mistakes.

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