Guatemalan Indigenous Fear Health System Unprepared to Respond to COVID-19

By Democracy Now

Image Credit: Twitter: @PaulChibuzor4

HAVANA TIMES – In Guatemala, Al Jazeera reports rural and indigenous communities are increasingly afraid of the potentially devastating impacts coronavirus could have on their people as they question whether the country’s already troubled and fragile health system is able to adequately respond to the coronavirus outbreak.

In South America, hundreds of Venezuelan migrants attempting to return home after losing their jobs in neighboring countries say they are being housed in squalid and crowded quarantine facilities, where they’re afraid coronavirus could rapidly spread.

In Chile, as the country remains in a nationwide coronavirus lockdown, anti-government and anti-austerity protesters are continuing the movement from inside their homes, using social media. Each Friday night, quarantined Chileans stand in their gardens or balconies banging pots, demanding the release of people arrested during recent mass protests.

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