Guatemalan Tribunal Certifies Bernardo Arévalo’s Victory, But Electoral Registry Suspends His Party

Bernardo Arevalo

By Democracy Now

HAVANA TIMES – Guatemala’s Supreme Electoral Tribunal has certified Bernardo Arevalo’s victory in last week’s presidential election runoff. Earlier on Monday, a separate body ordered the suspension of Arevalo’s progressive Semilla party, throwing the results into disarray as the party vowed to appeal its suspension. Guatemala’s Attorney General’s Office is investigating allegations of irregularities in Semilla’s legal registration process — accusations Semilla and supporters say are part of an ongoing scheme by the Guatemalan corrupt business and political elite to discredit the democratic movement that propelled them into power.

Arévalo received 60% of the vote, beating former first lady Sandra Torres, who’s backed by the right-wing elite. Arévalo has vowed to fight corruption and push for social reforms. His inauguration in Guatemala City, alongside Vice President-elect Karin Herrera, is scheduled for January 14.

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