Gustavo Petro Wins Colombia Presidential Primary

as Chile swears in Gabriel Boric

Primary elections in Colombia

By Democracy Now

HAVANA TIMES – In Colombia, voters selected their presidential candidates during Sunday’s primary and congressional elections. Gustavo Petro, the front-runner for May’s presidential election, represents a leftist coalition and will face off against centrist Sergio Fajardo and right-wing candidate Federico Gutiérrez. Gustavo Petro was previously the mayor of Bogotá and a member of the guerrilla group M-19 in the 1980s. He has vowed to end oil exploration and has accused outgoing right-wing President Iván Duque of crimes against humanity for the killing of social leaders and protesters.

Meanwhile, in Chile, 36-year-old progressive Gabriel Boric was sworn in as president Friday.

President Gabriel Boric: “When there is no distribution of wealth, when wealth is concentrated only among a few, peace is very difficult. We need to redistribute the wealth produced by Chilean men and women, produced by those who inhabit our country.”

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