Havana Airport Reopens for Flights

Photo: cubadebate.cu

HAVANA TIMES – The Jose Marti International Airport in Havana reestablished its operations on Tuesday following the passage of Hurricane Irma, reported the Cuban Civil Aeronautics.

Thousands of tourists are still stranded on the island waiting for international flights to begin after the hurricane.

On Tuesday afternoon, the Varadero Airport should also be reopened, located some 140 kilometers from Havana.

In Varadero thousands of tourists were held up during the hurricane after being evacuated from the hotels located in the Guillermo, Coco and Santa Maria Cays, where before the arrival of “Irma” 17 hotels were closed down for security measures.

Irma’s most destructive path in Cuba was along the northern coastal area.  Among other damage, the Jardines del Rey Airport is completely destroyed and it is not known when it will be able to resume flights.

Hurricane “Irma” entered Cuba as a category five storm on the Saffir-Simpson scale with a force of winds exceeding 150 mph. During its passage along the island it reduced its intensity a little to around 130 mph, but advanced slower, reason why it was more destructive.

One thought on “Havana Airport Reopens for Flights

  • Our first time in Cuba…We were in Cuba from Sept. 2 through Sept. 12. We were scheduled to return to Atlanta GA on Sat. Sept. 9th. One direct flight a day to and from. Very fortunate to have the last night of our tour end at the Hotel Nacional(Fridaynight). We were informed in the morning buy the staff of the Nacional that JMI was closed and remain that way for at least four days. Again fortunate that we were to extend our room at the Nacional for the next three nights. Each morning I had to go the front desk and wait to see if could extend the room reservation & hope that I they were not all booked that night. Monday I waited for six hours for a room to be available, and was very lucky(due to cancellations) to extend the room. The Nacional conserjeria ( the wonderful Alexis Viota) was always informing me of the latest situation, along with keeping my spirits up with positive thoughts that we will be going home on the 12th. He was right. Love that man, I believe I made a friend for the next time we go.
    Once at JMI. we heard stories of people that had spent the last three nights in the airport with no electricity, no water, no food and the sewage had stop working and backed up. Tourist were trying to get out and without warning all the JMI staff picked up and left( yes to go home to their families during Irma) not informing anyone of the situation of was to take place.
    Please don’t read this feeling that I’m complaining or saying that we had to have things handed to us. What I’m trying to say that all through Irma ( my first hurricane) we were very fortunate and I’m very appreciative of all the help from the Cuban people and the Nacional staff to help me make the best decision for us…..we were thinking to check out on Sunday and go to JMI.
    We will be returning Cuba some day.

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