Havana Times and the Summit of the Americas

Summit of the AmericasHAVANA TIMES – Follow the Summit of the Americas (April 10-11) with news and commentaries in Havana Times.

Will Barack Obama and Raul Castro meet on friendly terms? Will the Venezuela-US rift affect Cuba-US rapprochement? Will Nicolas Maduro and other ALBA members use the venue to attack Obama? Will anything concrete in economic terms come out of the meeting?

Look for the answers to these and other questions as the summit unfolds.

One thought on “Havana Times and the Summit of the Americas

  • Matthew 14 , Jesus walked upon the water. After unspeakable acts the almighty has accomplished another miracle one of many Cubas leadership and Obamas leadership can attest to. There is only God and all men have their interpretation of Gods will as their language and
    circumstances allow and so this miracle shows ” It Takes Two To Tango”.
    Of course some toe stepping will occur each party should pray and wear appropriate safety foot wear.
    That said,
    I would like to give a word to Pope Francis for his courage and truth ,we can only imagine the miracles a Pope experiences as the worthy souls share their final worldly sound of passage to the almighty. AMEN.
    Thank You

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