Havana Times Extends Deadline for Photo Contest Submissions

Electric company vehicles and workers from Guantanamo heading for Ciego de Avila. Photo: Jorge Luis Merencio Cautín /granma.cu

HAVANA TIMESDear readers, we have decided to extend the deadline for submissions to the 2017 Havana Times Cuba Photo Contest from September 15 to October 15 due to the difficulties caused by Hurricane Irma.

Each year many participants send in their photos during the last week before the deadline and this year doing so has become difficult or impossible for photographers living in Cuba or visiting the island at this time.

Many people are still without electricity and the limited Internet connectivity is considerably less than before the storm.

We will then aim to have the winners and special mentions by mid-November, after the jury completes its four rounds of selection.

If you have further questions write HT at [email protected]

For those of you unfamiliar with the contest:

Here’s How You Can Participate

HAVANA TIMES — Our 2017 Cuba Photo Contest is now officially open for sending in your entries.

The 2016 contest proved a real challenge for our 20-member jury with the quantity and quality of submissions increasing each year.  There were 182 participants last year including amateur and professional photographers.

Now, we are happy to announce the 9th edition of the event, one for each year of our online publication.

This year there are six categories and each carries with it a First Prize of US $75. There will also be one special mention per category. All finalist and semifinalist photos will be published and prominently displayed by HT.

Contest rules

  1. – Professional and amateur photographers of all ages and nationalities may participate.
  2. – You may submit a maximum of 3 photos for each of the six categories.
  3. – The photographs must all be taken in Cuba, it doesn’t matter when, and must be entered under the following categories:

a – Celebrations
b – Contrasts
c – Enterprising People
d– Internet
e – Loneliness
f – Wrinkles

4– Photos must be in jpg format with maximum dimension of (800 x 600 pixels). They may be horizontal or vertical. The titles of the pictures should be by category with numbers starting with one (1).
For example: Contrasts 1, Contrasts 2, and Contrasts 3. Loneliness 1… etc.

5–Each image should have a short photo caption on an attached list with all the captions. For example: Loneliness 1 – Alone in the crowd.  Loneliness 2 – My love has gone. Loneliness 3 – On stage solo.  Celebrations 1 – Daniela’s birthday party. – Celebrations 2  – Holguin won the championship., etc.

6- Sending your pictures: Photographs should be sent as attachments and not embedded in the e-mail message. To submit photos send them to: [email protected]

7- The deadline for submissions will be September 15, 2017. (Now changed to October 15th)

8- During the selection process Havana Times will publish the semifinalists, finalists and winning images.

9- Participation in the contest implies acceptance by the author that the photos submitted will be included in the archives of HT and may be used in Havana Times and the social networks where HT is present (with due credit to the author).

10- Prizes: The winning photographer in each category will receive a US $75 prize. Among the finalist photos the jury will also select a special mention in each category. Delivering the award money will be coordinated with the winner via email.

11- Contest winners will be announced on or before November 7, 2017, through HT. This decision is final.

12- Participation in the competition implies acceptance of each and every one of the rules. HT is empowered to resolve any contingency not provided for in the Rules.

13- THE JURY will be composed of at least 20 members, including photographers, writers, and Havana Times guest readers.

For any questions or for more information contact: [email protected]

See the winning photos from previous years:

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