Havana Times Praised and Attacked

Havana Times has just completed its first month on line. We’ve received numerous comments, both positive and negative, and we’d like to share some with you.

-Bravo! Great to see more and more open discussion of Cuba’s real problems (as opposed to what we are told in the Western corporate media). Only open, free discussion and debate will lead to solutions. I wish all Cubans – of all (and no) political persuasion – the best of luck in building a better “patria.”

-Congratulations with the new website. It looks really interesting. I will look forward to seeing how this new initiative develops. It is great to read and see Cuba from different angles. Just makes me want to visit all the more!

-Any criticism on this website about Castro’s senile dictatorship is immediately conditioned by this open-minded website with the following note “your comment is awaiting moderation.” and a few hours after, they just ‘disappear’ the critic. A very ‘open-minded’ website indeed! ha!,ha! weird and funny!

-Just discovered this new long-awaited website. Wonderful work, and wonderful that the leaders of this ever-changing and growing revolution see the need for such a medium.

-I just love your website…I read it everyday. Congrats…. you should be proud!

-Now I know why they call you Circles: You keep circling around the issues just like your Cuban bosses have for decades.

-Not bad… Not bad.

-Thanks Havana Times. Beautiful pictures!!!!!!

-Readers of HavanaTimes.org cannot draw their own conclusions because you are misleading them by lying by omission. That is the simple fact that a communist “journalist” cannot and/or refuses to see. Why won’t you tell your readers that you and others at the site work for the Cuban government? You have not denied it so it is true. You work for the Cuban state controlled media.

-Wow! Great layout & interesting content. I’ll be watching!

-Thanks, its great to get an insight into what Cubans think, and who they’re supporting and why.

-Propaganda is the worst type of lie and I am claiming that HavanaTimes.org is pure propaganda.

-Thanks for the push to the truth you are giving. I promise I’ll read more of your interesting articles.

-I have waited with great anticipation for this day, and find the site wonderful. The articles, format and photos are superb.

-I have been to Cuba thirteen times in the past twenty years,(not nearly as many times as I would have liked) primarily Matanzas City via Veradero and seen many changes and much that has not. But, the Cuban people are among the warmest and family oriented I have known.

-I just want to congratulate Havana Times for creating a space on the Internet that seems very important for all of us that want to know a little more about Cuban reality even from afar.

-Congratulations for putting out your website. It highlights the human touch in stories. I think it will be interesting for non-Spanish speaking visitors.

11 thoughts on “Havana Times Praised and Attacked

  • I came across Havana Times through Facebook. I’m based in the UK but I’m of Cuban origin. I’m not political so no comments there but I love the open and simplicity in the stories depicting art and culture. I’m happy that artists at all levels are getting recognition. Any film makers and writers? I would love to hear more there. Carino Gladys San Juan

  • Hello, and thanks for the new format. Very easy to use. All the best as we, together, go into this ‘brave new world’ of communications. Trust is possible … with good intentions on all sides of any issue. Keep up the great news letter. Jim

  • I am a Canadian who has been living and working in Cuba for 20 years. I am a voracious reader of all things related to Cuba, especially analysis of Cuban contemporary events and issues. There are a lot of Cuba related blogs and websites in cyberspace. Unfortunatley, most of them are a waste of time. However, there are a small number of sites that are truly edifying. Havana Times of one of those sites. Congrats.

  • Very much enjoy your website – unlike most other web sources on Cuba, yours does not suffer from hysteria.

  • There is light at the end of the bridge..make sure you do not miss its glow.

  • Keep up the good work. I check out HT daily and hope to make a trip to Cuba next year when I believe Obama and Raul will make a deal. Free travel is a human right. Can’t wait to visit and HT provides good travel info to boot.

  • You must ‘propagate’ the achievements of the Revolution as the ‘free’ press run by those more interested in making profits than information will not.
    Let the others continue with their usual propaganda.

  • Good job Havana Times!! Moderation is ok with me. So you will win respect over; otherwise HT will be any Web page. Open-mindedness is superb; side-mindedness do not foster understading. Some people just prefer to call the attention by voicing non-sense instead of doing serious reasoning.

  • Good luck. I will read your website with great interest in the future and hope for the Cuban people.

  • The SUN is the most lightful star in the universe. However, ” the sun has dark spots or stains. Grateful people talk about the sunlight. Ungrateful ones can talk only about its dark spots and stains” (Jose Marti)
    Havanatimes, I encourage you to continue to do your ” job”. This you’re doing is highly appreciated, and will always be. If there are so many media talking about the dirty stuff, it’s great task to picture the clean reality: that reality most of them cannot see because they are not vrtuous enough to see it.
    Great job!!

  • I still think you only show the one side of the story, for example you show Cuba Comunist as a place where parties ,movie openings and competition is a fact . But the real truth is nor so… who ever participate in any of those events have to fallow the rules and propaganda the Regime imposed to any cuban artist and citizen in the island if they want to participate;… for what many cuban artists in the island are vaned to do any work at all and neverless participate in those events. When I read your website sometimes I wish.. things can someday be the way your portarit it now.

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