Havana Vulnerable to Heavy Rains

HAVANA TIMES – Cuban authorities have detected many problems in Havana involving vulnerabilities of the city to heavy rains, Granma newspaper reported.

Inadequate storm drainage and the lack of systematic cleaning of inlets, conduits, ditches, canals, streams and rivers are among the causes that induce the occurrence of flooding in parts of the capital.

The note also said the deterioration of street curbs and the accumulation of garbage in public places, as other causes of these obstructions.

The reduced ability of the system to remove large volumes of water in a short period of time was blamed on the poor quality of street repairs and “social indiscipline”.

The most critical areas of flooding are located in the capital’s municipalities of Centro Habana, La Lisa, October 10, Cerro, Old Havana and Playa, while the most dangerous areas are associated with the proximity of the Luyanó, Orengo and Quibú rivers.