Havana Weather for December 19-25

Sunny until Tuesday, then some rain through Xmas

Havana taxi.  Photo: Juan Suarez
Havana taxi. Photo: Juan Suarez

Eduardo A. Fernández Díaz

HAVANA TIMES — Until Tuesday we will have terrific weather. Days with few clouds or totally clear. Temperatures will be pleasant , still slightly above the norm for December. The humidity is relatively low so that the sensation of heat will be less.

The entry of a cold front is expected on Tuesday and with it some rain, but nothing to worry about , especially if you are sightseeing in Havana and are accustomed to winter storms in Europe or North America.

High temperatures will range around 27° C (80 F) and lows around 19° C (66 F).

The winds will be variable and weak.   The sea surface temperatures reach 26° C (79 F).

Weekly Forecast valid from Thursday December 19

weather-clearThursday December 19, max 27° C (81 F) min 21° C (70 F)

weather-clearFriday December 20, max 27° C ( 81 F) min 20° C (68 F)

weather-clearSaturday December 21, max 28° C ( 82 F) min 19° C ( 66 F)

weather-clearSunday December 22, max 29° C ( 84 F) min 19° C ( 66 F)

parcialmente-nubladoMonday December 23, max 29° C ( 84 F) min 20° C (68 F)
Partly Cloudy

lluvias-aisladasTuesday December 24, max 27° C ( 81 F) min 20° C (68 F)
isolated showers

lluviasWednesday December 25, max 25° C (77 F) min 19° C ( 66 F)

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