Havana Weather for Jan. 28 – Feb. 3

Cool days and somewhat vercast

By Yanet Diaz

Water from the balcony. Photo: Juan Suarez
Water from the balcony. Photo: Juan Suarez

HAVANA TIMES — Lower temperatures will continue during this week long period, with a chance of rain especially on Thursday and Friday. A system of moist winds is currently present from the southeast at 15 to 20 km/h, but that is expected to change by Thursday afternoon when the wind will blow from the northwest with the arrival of a new cold front, with speeds that can reach 30 km/h along the coastline.

High temperatures during the forecast period will range between 22 and 28° C (72 and 82 F) and the lows between 14 and 19° C (57 and 66 F). The sea surface temperature will be stable at 25° C (77 F).

Relevant weather conditions:

A new cold front is approaching from the west of Cuba, which will cause convection, rain and isolated thunderstorms along its path, and result in a further drop in temperatures.

Weekly Forecast valid from Wednesday January 27

lluvias-aisladasThursday, January 28 max 28° C (82 F) min 19° C (66 F)

lluvias-aisladasFriday, January 29 max 23° C (73 F) min 18° C (64 F)
Scattered showers

parcialmente-nubladoSaturday, January 30 max 22° C (72 F) min 14° C (57 F)
Partly cloudy

parcialmente-nubladoSunday January 31 max 23° C (73 F) min 15° C (59 F)
Partly cloudy

lluvias-aisladasMonday, February 1 max 24° C (75 F) min 16° C (61 F)

parcialmente-nubladoTuesday, February 2 max 25° C (77 F) min 17° C (63 F)
Partly cloudy

parcialmente-nubladoWednesday, February 3 max 26° C (79 F) min 18° C (64 F)
Partly cloudy