Havana Weather for July 16-22

Little variation, sunny mornings then rains

By Yanet Díaz

HAVANA TIMES – The hot days will continue with plenty of sun in the mornings and showers and scattered rains from noon on. Some occasional thunderstorms will also be likely, especially towards the southern portion of the capital.

The winds will be from the east and northeast, and very weak, between 10 and 25 km/h. The humidity will range ??between 55 and 85%, higher at sunset. Maximum temperatures will be between 32 and 33° C (90 and 91 F) and the lows at 24 and 25° C (75 and 77 F). The sea surface temperature will rise to 30° C (84 F).

Meteorological conditions:

The influence of high migratory pressures persists, which imposes very weak winds and high temperatures. However, some rains will also be occurring in the afternoons associated with thermal instability and encouraged by the passage of tropical waves to the south of the island.

In the North Atlantic, the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea, tropical cyclonic development is not expected during the next 5 days.

Weekly forecast, valid from Wednesday, July 15

Thursday, July 16, max 32° C (90 F) min 24° C (75 F)
Showers in the afternoon

Friday July 17, max 33° C (91 F) min 25° C (77 F)
Rain in the afternoon

Saturday July 18, max 33° C (91 F) min 25° C (77 F)
Scattered showers

Sunday July 19, max 33° C (91 F) min 25° C (77 F)
Scattered showers

Monday July 20, max 32° C (90 F) min 25° C (77 F)
Isolated showers

Tuesday July 21, max 90° F (32 ° C) min 75 F (24° C)
Rain in the afternoon

Wednesday July 22, max 33° C (91 F) min 25° C (77 F)
Scattered showers