Havana Weather for June 9-15

Rain, good weather at the end of the period

By Eduardo

HAVANA TIMES, June 8 – The low pressure center that was situated to the north of Honduras on Wednesday afternoon (June 8) will weaken as it moves west-northwest.  However, it will continue causing rain and showers until Sunday, June 12.  For the rest of the period we are expected to have good weather.

The maximum temperatures will fluctuate between 29°C (84°F) and 28°C (82°F).  The minimum temperatures will be around 23°C (73°F).

The wind will be from east-northeast until Saturday, June 11, when it will change and come directly from the east. The speed will remain between 15 km/h (9 mph) and 30 km/h (19 mph), ending up reaching significant gusts.

The sea’s surface temperature will be 25°C (77°F) until Sunday 12, when it will begin going up to 28°C (82°F).

Weekly forecast, valid as of Wednesday / June 8

Thursday, June 9 – max 28°C (82°F), min 24°C (75°F).
Rain expected.

Friday, June 10 – max 27°C (81°F), min 23°C (73°F).
Showers expected.

Saturday, June 11 – max 29°C (84°F), min 24°C (75°F).
Showers expected.

Sunday, June 12 – max 30°C (86°F), min 24°C (75°F).
They will be isolated rains.

Monday, June 13 – max 31°C (88°F), min 23°C (73°F).
The day will be sunny.

Tuesday, June 14 – max 30°C (86°F), min 24°C (75°F).
The day will be partially cloudy.

Wednesday, June 15 – max 29°C (84°F), min 24°C (75°F).
The day will be partially cloudy.