Havana Weather for March 13-19

Rain on Thursday after that a week of good weather

Eduardo A. Fernández Díaz

Cuban junior high school students. Photo: Juan Suarez

HAVANA TIMES – We will have rain on Thursday with the passage of a cold front. The rest of the period will be marked by clear skies and pleasant temperatures. The humidity will remain relatively low . Starting Monday , temperatures will rise slightly and the sky will cloud partially during daylight hours . In conclusion, we can enjoy outdoor activities on the weekend and beyond.

Temperatures will range above 28° C (82 F) , reaching 31° C ( 88 F) the last day of the term. The low will drop to 17° C (63 F) in the early hours of Friday.

Until Saturday, the winds will be moderate from the north. From this time they will come from the south.

The sea surface temperature will reach 25° C (77 F).

Weekly Forecast valid from Wednesday March 12

lluviasThursday, March 13, max 31° C (88 F) min 22° C (72 F)
isolated showers

sunnyFriday, March 14, max 28° C (82 F) min 18° C (64 F)

sunnySaturday, March 15, max 28° C (82 F) min 17° C (63 F)

sunnySunday, March 16, max 29° C (84 F) min 17° C (63 F)

sunnyMonday March 17, max 30° C (86 F) min 18° C (64 F)

parcialmente-nubladoTuesday, March 18, max 31° C (88 F) min 19° C (66 F)
Partly Cloudy

parcialmente-nubladoWednesday March 19, max 31° C (88 F) min 20° C (68 F)
Partly Cloudy