Havana Weather for March 25-31

Clear and warm days

By Yanet Díaz

Photo by Juan Suarez

HAVANA TIMES – March is usually the driest month of the year for western Cuba. This is because the cold fronts become less frequent this month, compared to the previous months. During this week, expect typical March conditions, with mostly clear skies, hot days, and hot and humid winds from the south-southeast, which accentuate the sensation of heat.

The days will be warm with isolated or little cloudiness and a very low probability of rain. The weak winds will be from the south and southeast, between 10 and 20 km/h, reaching 25 km/h in the afternoon. Relative humidity will fluctuate in its typical day cycle, with maximum values up to 95%. We will have high temperatures of 31 and 32° C (88 and 90 F), and lows of 20 and 21° C (68 and 70 F). The sea surface temperature will be 26° C (79 F).

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