Havana Weather for March 29 – April 4

Nice weather persists

By Yanet Díaz

Photo: Gabriel Garcia Juarez

HAVANA TIMES – Expect isolated cloud cover and a low probability of rain, in which little change in weather conditions will be perceived. The winds will be maintained from the southeast and the east, slightly increasing in speed in the evenings, with a maximum of 30 km/h.

The high temperatures will range between 28 and 29° C (82 and 84 F) and the lows between 19 and 21° C (66 and 70 F). The sea surface temperature will be 26° C (79 F).

Meteorological conditions

The anticyclonic ridge from the western Atlantic Ocean will be influencing much of the Gulf of Mexico, Cuba and its adjacent seas, maintaining a moderate to strong flow from the southeast, as part of the return circulation of the anticyclone.

Weekly Forecast, valid from Wednesday, March 28

Thursday 29, March max 29° C (84 F) min 19° C (66 F)
Partly cloudy

Friday, March 30, max 29° C (84 F) min 20° C (68 F)
Partly cloudy

Saturday March 31, max 29° C (84 F) min 20° C (68 F)
Partly cloudy

Sunday, April 1, max 28° C (82 F) min 20° C (68 F)
Isolated showers

Monday, April 2, max 29° C (84 F) min 20° C (68 F)
Partly cloudy

Tuesday April 3, max 29° C (84 F) min 21° C (70 F)
Partly cloudy

Wednesday April 4, max 29 ° C (84 F) min 21 ° C (70 F)
Partly cloudy

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