Havana Weather for March 9-15

Havana photo by Juan Suarez

Scattered rains this weekend…

By Adrian Fuentes

HAVANA TIMES – A high pressure system is found over the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. A cold front with moderate winds from the SE is moving into the NE Gulf today and will extend through Thursday afternoon, dissipating late Thursday night. On Friday the arrival of another weak cold front is expected, moving overnight over waters of the northern Gulf, which will increase the probability of rain in the western region of Cuba throughout the weekend.

Partly cloudy days are forecast, increasing the probability of rain after the arrival of the cold front. The winds will be mainly from the northeast, with speeds between 10 and 25 km/h. The relative humidity will have minimum values of 70% and maximum of 90%. The high temperatures will be between 28 and 31ºC (82 and 88 F) and the lows between 18 and 21ºC (64 and 70 F). The sea surface temperature will be 26ºC (79 F).

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