Havana Weather for May 21-27

Eduardo Diaz Fernandez

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HAVANA TIMES — At the beginning of term the influence of a weak high pressure area located in the eastern part of the Gulf of Mexico will be felt. In the remainder of the period, the weather in the capital and the rest of the country will be related to moisture carried by the trade winds.

During the first days of the term the humidity will be lower but by Saturday the days will cloud up by the afternoons with a chance of rain.

There are no conditions for the development of cyclonic activity in the coming days.

Winds will be from the east and northeast with speeds between 15 and 30 k/ph (10 and 20 m/ph).

Temperatures will reach 33° C (93° F) on Tuesday, up from 30° C (86° F) at the beginning of the period.. The lows will remain stable around 24° C (75° F).

The sea surface temperature will oscillate around 27° C (81° F). There will be no danger to smaller vessels draft.

Weekly Forcast valid from Wednesday May 20

weather-clearThursday, May 21, max 31° C (88° F) min 24° C (75° F)

parcialmente-nubladoFriday, May 22, max 30° C (86° F) min 24° C (75° F)
Partly Cloudy

parcialmente-nubladoSaturday May 23, max 30° C (86° F) min 25 ° C (77° F)
Partly Cloudy

lluvias-aisladasSunday May 24, max 31 ° C (88° F) min 25° C (77° F)
Afternoon rain

lluvias-aisladasMonday, May 25, max 32° C (90° F) min 25° C (77° F)
Afternoon rain

lluvias-aisladasTuesday, May 26, max 33° C (91° F) min 24° C (75° F)
Afternoon rain

lluvias-aisladasWednesday, May 27, max 32° C (90° F) min 24° C (75° F)
Afternoon rain