Havana Weather for May 7-13

Warm days with some rain

By Yanet Díaz

Fishermen practicing social distancing on the Malecon seawall. Photo: Juan Suarez

HAVANA TIMES – The days will continue to be hot, with warm nights. The probability of showers in the afternoons will remain high. Winds will be mostly from the northeast until Friday, with speeds between 15 and 30 km/h, and variable and weak the rest of the week.

Relative humidity will continue with little change, ranging between 50 and 80%. The high temperatures will be between 29 and 32° C (84 and 90 F) and the lows between 23 and 25° C (73 and 77 F). The sea surface temperature will be 28° C (82 F).

Meteorological conditions:

A cold front with very little rainfall activity advances over the Gulf of Mexico to the southeast. During this Thursday it will become stationary on the northwestern coast, causing only some isolated rains with northeast winds with some moderate to intense gusts. Starting on Sunday, the entry of a second front will cause rains and some isolated storms, although there will be no significant change in temperatures.
Weekly forecast, valid from Wednesday, May 6

Thursday, May 7, max 29° C (84 F) min 23° C (73 F)
Isolated showers

Friday, May 8, max 31° C (88 F) min 24° C (75 F)
Partly cloudy

Saturday May 9, max 32° C (90 F) min 25° C (77 F)
Isolated showers

Sunday May 10, max 30° C (86 F) min 25° C (77 F)

Monday May 11, max 29° C (84 F) min 25° C (77 F)

Tuesday May 12, max 30° C (86 F) min 25° C (77 F)
Partly cloudy

Wednesday May 13, max 31° C (88 F) min 25° C (77 F)
Partly cloudy

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