Havana Weather for Nov. 26 – Dec. 2

Hurricane season on Monday November 30

By Yanet Diaz

Going for a spin in Havana. Photo: Juan Suárez

HAVANA TIMES – We are currently under the influence of the oceanic anticyclone, bringing mostly clear skies. Some occasional clouds blow in from adjacent maritime regions. There will be little change in weather conditions until early next week, when a cold front will approach the northwestern tip of Cuba.

In Havana we will have mostly clear days with occasional clouds. The winds will blow from the east and southeast, with speeds between 15 and 25 km/h. They will shift to the north as of Monday night, increasing a little in intensity.

The humidity will drop a little, with values ​​between 50 and 70%. The high temperatures will be between 28 and 29° C (82 and 84 F) and the lows between 21 and 22° C (70 and 72 F). The sea surface temperature has been decreasing and now shows 28° C (82 F).

For the North Atlantic, the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea, no tropical cyclonic development is expected during the next 5 days. This November 30, the 2020 cyclonic season ends, which so far saw the formation of 29 tropical organisms between tropical storms and hurricanes, a behavior much higher than the historical average.

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