Havana Weather for October 6-12

Havana photo by Juan Suarez

Good weather returns

By Yanet Diaz

HAVANA TIMES – A tropical wave is advancing over the Caribbean, which has ample possibilities of becoming a tropical cyclone in the coming hours. This system is moving over the southern Caribbean Sea at a speed of 24 km/h and it is not expected to pose a danger to Cuba since it will head west towards portions of Nicaragua and Honduras in Central America.

The approach of a cold front in the Straits of Florida is expected on Sunday, which will become stationary and then dissipate. No significant weather change is expected with that system.

Good weather conditions will prevail in Havana, with lots of sun and some very isolated showers in some areas south of the capital at sunset. The winds will be mainly from the east and northeast, with speeds between 10 and 25 km/h. The humidity will range ​​between 40 and 50% to 95%. The high temperatures will range between 29 and 31°C (84 and 88 F), and the lows between 19 and 22°C (66 and 72 F). The sea surface temperature will be 29°C (84 F).

Over the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, a high probability of tropical formation is expected for the next 5 days.

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