Havana Weather for Sept. 11-17

Sweltering heat with afternoon showers

Eduardo A. Fernández Díaz

Reflection. Foto: Sajad Ahmadi

HAVANA TIMES — In September the passage of tropical waves and tropical low pressure systems increase, making this one of the wettest months. It is also the month with the highest frequency of tropical cyclones in the Atlantic basin, so in Cuba the possibility of hurricane activity increases significantly compared to August.

Nevertheless, the frequency of hurricanes affecting us this month is a little lower than in October. For this September above normal rainfall is expected.

Usually in September the Cuban summer heat is maintained, even though the temperature drops slightly from August. The high humidity and predominantly light winds cause warm sensations.

For this week there are no significant tropical waves expected in the vicinity. We will have generally good weather. Starting Saturday, there will be isolated showers in the afternoon product of the heating up during the day. Early mornings will be relatively warm. As is typical of this time of year, the days are generally sunny until late afternoon, so it is best for people with sensitive skin use sunscreen.

The maximum temperature will remain stable around 33° C (91 F) and low of 25° C (77 F).

The sea surface temperatures reach 26° C (79 F).

Weekly Forecast valid from Wednesday, September 10

parcialmente-nubladoThursday, September 11, max 32° C (90 F) min 24° C (75 F)
Partly Cloudy

parcialmente-nubladoFriday, September 12, max 32° C (90 F) min 25° C (77 F)
Partly Cloudy

lluvias-aisladasSaturday, September 13, max 33° C (91 F) min 25° C (77 F)
Rain in the afternoon

lluvias-aisladasSunday, September 14, max 33 ° C (91 F) min 25 ° C (77 F)
Rain in the afternoon

lluvias-aisladasMonday, September 15, max 33° C (91 F) min 25° C (77 F)
Rain in the afternoon

parcialmente-nubladoTuesday, September 16, max 32° C (90 F) min 25° C (77 F)
Partly Cloudy

lluvias-aisladasWednesday, September 17, max 33° C (91 F) min 25° C (77 F)
Rain in the afternoon

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