Some rain through Sunday, then sunny

Eduardo A. Fernández Díaz

Photo: Syvonne Kozuch
Photo: Syvonne Kozuch

HAVANA TIMES – There will be some scattered rain in the city through Sunday due to the passing of weak cold front and also humid winds from the north. Starting Monday there will be sunny days. The maximum temperature will be slightly higher than last week, especially Thursday and Friday.

High temperatures will reach 29° C (84° F), dropping to 25° C (77° F) for the final three days of the period. Early mornings will be cool. Summary: Some rain until Sunday and then sun, temperatures on the pleasant.

The maximum temperature will reach 29 ° C (84° F) over the weekend. The Lows will range between 21° C (70° F) and 19° C (66° F) at the end of term.

The sea surface temperature will reach 24° C (75° F). The winds will be weak.

Weekly Forecast valid from Wednesday January 14, January 15, max 27° C (81° F) min 22° C (72° F)
scattered showers, January 16, max 28°C (82 °F) min 21°C (70° F)
scattered showers January 17, max 29° C (84° F) min 21° C (70° F)
scattered showers January 18, max 29° C (84° F) min 22° C (72° F)
scattered showers

weather-clearMonday, January 19, max 25° C (77° F) min 21° C (70° F)

weather-clearTuesday, January 20, max 25° C (77° F) min 19° C (66° F)

weather-clearWednesday, January 21, max 25° C (77° F) min 19° C (66° F)

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