Heineken Cocktail Championship in Cuba

HAVANA TIMES — The first “National Cocktail Championship with Heineken Beer,” will be held in Havana in March to highlight the quality of service in local bars and to boost tourism on the island, reported the Prensa Latina news agency.

The president of the Managing Committee of the Association of Bartenders of Cuba in Havana, Barbaro Edel Mollina Vega, said the competition will occur in a yet to be determined Havana hotel.

The encounter will bring together more than 30 experts, including bartenders and waiters from around the country, who will be required to prepare a cocktail of their own creation using hops as a base.

Heineken Pilsener is a pale lager-type beer manufactured by the Dutch company Heineken International. It’s marketed on the island at a price that is more than the national beers (i.e. Cristal and Bucanero), and can cost over 3 USD.