Help Us Locate Two Cubans

By Dolly Persaud (HT guest writer)

HAVANA TIMES – From 1977 to 1978 there were two Cuban men who came to Guyana for work. One was named Omar Rodrigues and the other was Noah and they were good friends. My name is Dolly and my sister’s name is Pearly and when we met them we fell in love.

I fell in love with Omar, he was a very faithful man and he fell in love with me. Noah loved my sister Pearly very much as well and the relationship went on for a while. Pearly ended up getting pregnant and had a baby boy named Arron. When the baby was 1 month old Omar and Noah had to go back home to Cuba since their contract in Guyana had ended. The boat they worked on was called the #f1 boat.

Me and my sister did not know their address and they had no phone during that time. There is one thing I remember and it is that they lived in the Havana countryside. Pearly’s son Arron always wanted to know who his father was, and we tried to look everywhere but were not able to find them. Arron is 44 years old now and he looks just like his father Noah.

Since then, we continued trying to find Noah and Omar and visited Cuba about 6 years ago. We tried asking about them but weren’t able to get any answers. A woman told us that there was no internet at the time which made it harder to find them.

I’m hoping with this story we are able to find them. I included two pictures. One is Noah and the other is Pearly and Noah’s baby Arron. Noah had this picture before he had to leave Guyana. I hope they read this story in the newspaper and we are able to contact them. Please help us find them. Thank you.  You can write me at: [email protected]


Arron and Pearly