Hemingway’s Grandkids Visiting Cuba

Patrick (r) y John (I), grandchildren of Ernest Hemingway.
Patrick (r) y John (I), grandchildren of Ernest Hemingway.

HAVANA TIMES — John Patrick and Patrick Edward, grandchildren of the famous US writer Ernest Hemingway, received on Monday the status of Honorary Members of the Club International Hemingway of Cuba, during a visit to the island this week.

They traveled as part of a delegation of 16 people led by oceanographer Jeffrey H. Boutwell, composed mostly of biologists and fishing experts from a project for the protection of marine species in the Straits of Florida.

John (writer) and Patrick (Photographer), are children of Gregory Hemingway (1931-2001) and grandchildren of Pauline Pfeiffer (1895-1951) second of four wives of the award winning novelist. They are in Havana 60 years after Hemingway won the Nobel Prize for Literature.

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