HIV Affects Urban Youth

HAVANA TIMES, Oct. 8 – The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV, which causes AIDS) has had a greater effect on persons aged between 20 and 24 living in the metropolitan areas of the central and western regions since its appearance in Cuba in 1986, according to a research published by the Revista Cubana de Higiene y Epidemiología medical journal. The study says that the rest of the island’s regions could behave in the same manner due to “the risk sexual behaviours and the little habit of practicing safe sex existing among the Cuban population, influenced by beliefs and taboos”, reported IPS:

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  • Sorry labor camps came into being in SW African in 1884..and spread north

  • Cubas HIV/AIDS is much more controled than amerikkkas simply because we have not shut the doors of denial on anyone..AMERIKKKA TAKE NOTE

  • Mi Gente..Please share this
    Milagros Garcia villamil also believes that many of the labourers could have been inoculated with unsterile needles against diseases such as smallpox by the WHO to keep them alive and working and that even if the employers actively employed prostitutes to keep the workers happy, the sheer numbers of MEN with the disease would have far greater than it is now? CROCK..Now please note i am not a syupporter of homosexuals but i will share the amerikkkn lie
    Also my med knowledge tells me that. a large number of African labourers would have died before they even developed the first symptoms of AIDS after those inoculations, and those that did get sick would not have stood out as any different in an already poorly treated population..The WHO and the CDC tried
    to cover up the fact that a staggering 50% of the local population were wiped out in Africa during the 50’s to the 90’s

    A Dr Moore claims that ,labour camps were set up in Africa around the time that HIV was first believed to have passed into humans – the early part of the 20th century. This is a lie(fact chk)
    Labor camps first came into being in 1919 by Germany when it controlled SW Africa and spread north
    Mi Gente..As a former nurse, Please allow me to say this
    There is nothing easier than SAFER SEX also nothing more enjoyable..Pleaase choose life. know your partners, talk about safety, tell your children the same thing. If u see me on the streets talk to me.. i am from Matanzas, but one can often find me in Havana..

  • ‘Heart of Darkness’ theory, is one of the more recent theories to have entered into the debate. It is again based on the basic ‘hunter’ premise, but more thoroughly explains how this original infection could have led to an epidemic. It was first proposed in 2000 by Jim Moore, an American specialist in primate behaviour, who published his findings in the journal AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses.8

    During the late 19th and early 20th century, much of Africa was ruled by colonial forces. In areas such as French Equatorial Africa and the Belgian Congo, colonial rule was particularly harsh and many Africans were forced into labour camps where sanitation was poor, food was scarce and physical demands were extreme. These factors alone would have been sufficient to create poor health in anyone, so SIV could easily have infiltrated the labour force and taken advantage of their weakened immune systems to become HIV. A stray and perhaps sick chimpanzee with SIV would have made a welcome extra source of food for the workers.
    So if this is true it would have been the same in amerikka, Cuba The Caribbean Centra land South amerikkka where the same slavery existed.. Or in any other poor country in the world that depended upon US medicine to heal thier illnesses.
    .The WHO etc..which went to Africa in the 20’s 30’s 40’s 50′ 60’s 70’s 80’s and 90’s and convince thier GOV to allow inoculations. for its cit against small pox etc? There were and are plenty of animals today that carry viruses and which were consummed by the slave? Another CROCK
    Bottom line..This theory is .a bunch of lies which blame the VICTIM and take the focus off of the greatest distributer of MEDICAL MALFEASANCE, HIPPOCRACY, MEDICAL APARTHEID, AND JUNK MEDICINE IN THE WORLD.. THE AMERIKKKA GOV.
    2 b cont

  • 2 Remember Alabama?

    Ok check this out

    In 1999 a group of researchers from the University of Alabama2 Tuskegee announced that they had found a type of SIVcpz that was almost identical to HIV-1. This particular strain was identified in a frozen sample taken from a captive member of the sub-group of chimpanzees known as Pan troglodytes troglodytes (P. t. troglodytes), which were once common in west-central Africa.

    Follow me now

    The researchers ( Drl Sharp of Nottingham University in the UK and Beatrice Hahn of the University of Alabama) made the discovery during the course of a 10-year long study into the origins of the virus. They claimed that this sample proved that chimpanzees were the source
    Remember the US GOv said they discovered the virus in 1980..So why wait until 1999 travel to Africa, and blame the monkey?
    Millions of US dollars were thrown away why? Because it is possible that this virus was born in amerikkka and once again the AMA and its other supporters NIH, NIAID Ft Detrick MD etc etc were complicite and have no other way to explain a disease backfiring?
    So what did they do first blame homosexuals then the African..i am surprised that Cuba was not accused?
    to be cont

  • 2..It has been reported by a very questionable public health service(now the CDC in the US) based in Atlanta Ga.f(ormer purveyor of the infamous Tuskegee study that took place from 1932-72 in Tuskegee Alabama) And US attempt to enact genocide on the peoples of that Guatemala that just came to light this month? Thereby delivering VIA THE SAME TYPE OF VIRUS TO HUNDREDS OF GAUATEMANLEN CITIZENS IN THE 90’S? (check the news for proof)
    The american pres Barak Obama had to do what Bill Clinton, did in the 90’s when he held a WHITE HOUSE”ceremony to apologize to the desc of those 400 African amerikkkn men from Alabama (yes it was still white then) deliberately given syphliss by the then PHS. The US POTUS by apologized to the Guatemalen Gov?..PS NO those 400 men did not have syphilis..That is also a lie
    The AMA claims the The first recognised cases of AIDS occurred in the USA in the late4 70’s but did nothing unti lthe 80s However, A number of homo men in New York and California suddenly began to develop rare opportunistic infections and cancers that seemed stubbornly resistant to any treatment. At this time, AIDS did not yet have a name, but it quickly became obvious that all the men were suffering from a common syndrome.
    So they named it G.R.I.D gay related immune deficiency? Deficiency of what?
    to be continued

  • 2..It has been reported by a very questionable public health servise(now the cDC in the US (former purveyor of the infamous Tuskegee study that took place from 1932-72 in Tuskegee Alabama, and the Guatemalen attempt to enact genocide on the people of that country by delivering(VIA THE (check the news for proof)

  • The issue of HIV/AIDS as the worlds GOV calls this pandemic as well as the misinfo campaigne(AIDS started in Africa, then traveled by amerikkkn airlines to amerikkka or that it started in Haiti and traveled United airlines to the US? First there is no such thing as SAFE SE. As a medical person trained here in Cuba as well as the US it is called..SAFER some behaviours are safer than others?
    So now that i have all of u rothfl lets move on
    Since the US decided that its first casde was a gay man (two airline personnel(i will let u research it) i will share here what i know and what i believe
    1 The origin of AIDS and HIV has puzzled so called scientists ever since the illness first came to light in the early late 70’s early 80’s. For over thirty years it has been the subject of fierce debates and the cause of numerous arguments, with everything from the promiscuous flight attendant to a suspect vaccine programme being blamed. So what is the truth? Just where did AIDS come from?

    2 To be continued if allowed

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