Honduras Puts Total Ban on Abortions

Also attacks marriage equality

Maternity by choice. Safe, free legal abortion for Honduras. So much hate must stop! We are many. Image Credit: Twitter: @Vera_lol

By Democracy Now

HAVANA TIMES – Honduras has imposed some of the most draconian anti-choice laws in Latin America by voting to lock in the country’s ban on abortions so future governments will not be able to legalize the procedure.

Abortions are banned under any circumstance in Honduras, and those who receive them can be put in jail. The recently passed legislation, which also bans same-sex marriage, comes less than a month after Argentina legalized abortion.

Similar extreme anti-abortion laws are also in effect in El Salvador and Nicaragua, where women’s lives are of little importance.

Read more news here on Havana Times.

4 thoughts on “Honduras Puts Total Ban on Abortions

  • I do not like abortion but it is much better than having a baby born into extreame poverty. The ban on abortion is very bad for poor people. In many parts of the world men with money and with power. over women often teen girls have unprotected sex and leave a mess behind.

  • Agusto, you have got it totally wrong. It is white liberals – the ones who live in the Vatican, for example – that have been forcing overpopulation on the Third World.

  • Yes abortion is legal in Cuba and look how great our economy is! Abortion has been waged indiscriminantly on people of color all over the world by white liberals.

  • Yeah, just what Honduras needs, more babies.
    If I was in charge of Canada or the US, I would cut off foreign aid to all countries that don’t have abortion on demand. Especially El Salvador.

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