How are the Ortega – Civic Alliance Talks Going in Nicaragua?

The first day of renewed talks between the government of Nicaragua and the Civic Alliance on Wednesday February 27 in Managua. The two sides are meeting again today Thursday.

HAVANA TIMES – Today is the second day of talks between the government of Daniel Ortega and the Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy as representatives of the citizen opposition, to create conditions for a successful negotiation process.

On Thursday morning the Civic Alliance reported the following:

Good Day Nicaragua

Today we will attend the second day of negotiations with the Government.

Yesterday we agreed on 9 points, basically related to practical aspects (work mechanics) so that the negotiations can take place in a serious and transparent basis.

We plan to make public all the negotiation points as soon as we have agreed upon them.

We reiterate to all of Nicaragua the mandate with which we sit at the negotiating table:

1. Release of all the political prisoners, and restoration of freedoms, rights and guarantees, established by the Nicaraguan Constitution.
2. Electoral reforms that guarantee fair, free and transparent elections.
3. Justice.

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