How Cuba’s Gov. Sees the Youth

Photo: cover of 10/08/2014

HAVANA TIMES — The Cuban newspaper Juventud Rebelde tops today’s edition with a paragraph that captures the official government/Communist Party perception of the country’s youth.

“International Youth Day, to be celebrated next Tuesday, will be remembered with joy in countries like Cuba that defend the right of their young people to dream of a better future. In other regions, the date will serve for the newer generations to make their demands for a more just society.”

We leave this message to our readers for their interpretation.

3 thoughts on “How Cuba’s Gov. Sees the Youth

  • “to dream of a better future” but not to experience it!

  • The Cuban regime denies Cuban youth the right to “dream of a better future”.
    Lots of countries have a more just society than Cuba.
    That is why 20% of the population has left the island.
    That is why people are still being stopped trying to leave the island.

  • Total and complete bullsh*t. Check the scoreboard. More Cuban young people are leaving Cuba every year. Young women are having more abortions. More young people are working in jobs outside their field of study. Yes, Cuba’s young are dreaming of a better future, just not a future in Cuba.

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