Human Rights Group Accuses the Nicaraguan Army of Repressing Civilians


The head of the Nicaraguan Armed Forces, Julio Cesar Aviles along with Daniel Ortega. Stock photo by Oscar Navarrete,

HAVANA TIMES – The legal director of the Nicaraguan Center for Human Rights (Cenidh), Gonzalo Carrion, accused the Army of being “committed to the state of terror,” for allegedly tolerating paramilitary groups attacking civilians protesting against the Ortega government, reported dpa news.

Carrion visited relatives of six people who died burned alive this Saturday in a house attacked by police and alleged paramilitaries in Managua, in another bloody episode of the crisis that the country has been living for almost two months.

“This is a complaint that we firmly make to the Army: nobody can buy a high-precision rifle in a grocery store, those who are traveling around and killing people are not just anyone, they have military training,” said the human rights activist.

In the last two weeks, Managua and other cities in the country have been seized with terror, by the unprecedented presence of snipers in public places and the mobilization of heavily armed men in raids against government opponents, in which many young people have been kidnapped. 

In many cases, those hooded and dressed in black are openly visible operating with uniformed police and carrying AK-47 assault rifles and M-16 rifles, among others.

According to the law, “only two forces can possess rifles of war in Nicaragua: the National Police and the Army, which is also engaged in this state of terror,” said Carrion.

Addressing the military leadership, he questioned how is it that in recent years the Army “kills a number of peasants in arms, calls them criminals and makes clean-up operations, (while) here these men of a criminal structure walk the streets with rifles of war.”

The Nicaraguan Army has said it is not involved in the serious crisis, which began on April 18 with a student protest, and said it would not repress protests by civilians.

However, in recent days residents have reported flights of suspected military helicopters in areas of the interior, in apparent support for the transfer of riot police, as well as the use of sophisticated weapons of war by unknown persons.

The crisis has already claimed the lives of around 200 people and another 1,400 were injured, according to independent human rights organizations.

One thought on “Human Rights Group Accuses the Nicaraguan Army of Repressing Civilians

  • Daniel Ortega has shown he has no soul and his true darkness turning his national police and his thugs on the very citizens that helped him gain power . Now he has made his forces into outright killers, killing their unarmed brothers and sisters . I am tired of hearing how smart he is . You do not have to be very smart when you are guiding people that have a very low level of education and that have been brainwashed by a very sick and desperate man that speaks worse than a peasant. He came to power with the original message of freedom from a dictator Somoza. How his platform has changed to be worse than Somoza.
    The National police and the paramilitary as well as the thugs will go through the rest of their lives as murderers . Some were already murderers that he let out of prison. What they have not thought about at some point this will come to an end and many will be prosecuted for the crimes they have committed against their fellow countrymen . Not to forget about how they will be looked at and treated by the Nicaraguan people. May God save their souls because they will be hunted .
    How do they think they will be able to live amongst the very people they have been killing ?.Many with enough money may flee to a short list of other countries , but most of the national police , paramilitary, and the thugs do not have the financial means to flee . How will their lives be when this comes to an end ????????
    As we have seen the Nicaraguan people have had enough and will fight for their cause and are willing to take justice in their own hands. They have no protection from the police . It is the police along with the paramilitary and the thugs as we have seen in many documented videos taken by the people from inside their homes showing them marching through the streets like they are fighting ISIS fighters sowing fear and killings daily. These videos document the excessive force and killings that will help the United Nations and other powers when the investigations start .
    We should hope the commanders of the national police and Julio Cesar Aviles ,head of the military , come to their senses and pull their support from Ortega. If they do this it may save them from future prosecution and the wrath of the people. If they do not they will follow Ortega into the hole he has dug.

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