Hundreds Die in Europe Heat Wave; Wildfires Force Thousands to Evacuate

By Democracy Now

HAVANA TIMES – A scorching heat wave continues to fuel wildfires across southern Europe and parts of North Africa. In France, thousands of people have been forced to evacuate fires that have scorched over 27,000 acres. Meanwhile, the governments of Spain and Portugal said hundreds of people died from heat-related causes during the second week of July. In Britain, the government has issued its first-ever “Red” severe temperature warning, with forecasters predicting highs will top 40 degrees Celsius — or 105 degrees Fahrenheit — for the first time ever. This is Tracy Nicholls, chief executive at the College of Paramedics.

Tracy Nicholls: “We could see people particularly who are vulnerable young people, elderly frail people, people living with dementia, who really do suffer. This isn’t like a lovely hot day where we can put a bit of sunscreen on and go out and enjoy, you know, a swim and a meal outside. This is serious heat that could actually ultimately end in people’s deaths because it is so ferocious. And we’re just not set up for that sort of heat in this country.”

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