Important Human Rights Group in Nicaragua Closes Offices under Threats

Alvaro Leiva. Photo: Reuters


The Nicaraguan Association for Human Rights has been a victim of harassment by armed groups and death threats through telephone calls. It’s director Alvaro Leiva was obliged to leave the country.


HAVANA TIMES – The Nicaraguan Association for Human Rights, ANPDH, closed its offices on a temporary basis, due to a series of threats to the staff and the siege of its facilities, the organization informed on Saturday through a statement, reports 100% Noticias. 

“We have been forced to take preventive actions in order to guarantee the physical integrity and safety of our human rights defenders. Our central offices will be temporarily closed, but we will be receiving the reports at our email [email protected] and WhatsApp 8970 -6482,” they said in the statement.

Since mid-April when the protests began against the government of Daniel Ortega, the Association has defended the rights of Nicaraguans while being at the forefront of updating the toll of dead, wounded and missing persons due to Ortega’s repression.

According to the ANPDH, they were informed of a plan of persecution towards their workers that would lead them to be changed with fabricated crimes. They have also been victims of constant sieges in their offices by armed groups and death threats through telephone calls.

The TV and online news channel 100% Noticias reported that Alvaro Leiva, the person in charge of this organization, had to leave Nicaragua because he was threatened with death. His “crime” has been valiantly denouncing the violation of human rights in Nicaragua and publicly demanding that Daniel Ortega stop the violence, which to date has left more than 440 dead, according to the ANPDH.