In Cuba, The Condoms Also Come From Miami

On World AIDS Day, the day that the fight against HIV-AIDS is celebrated, complaints about the lack of condoms are mounting. (14ymedio)

By Natalia Lopez Moya 14ymedio

HAVANA TIMES – Numerous citizen initiatives have arisen with the disinterested and laudable support of Cuban emigrants, mainly based in Miami, who, in addition to bringing medicines and medical supplies to the island, have included the sending of condoms that are distributed free of charge by activists, however the effort is not enough to reach everyone.

On the day the fight against HIV-AIDS is celebrated, complaints about the lack of condoms for sale in state establishments are increasing. “You go to a pharmacy and there aren’t any, you look for them on the classifieds site and a single condom can cost up to 40 pesos ($1.67 USD at the official rate), a real madness,” a young man from Havana told 14ymedio.

Several citizen initiatives have emerged with the support of Cuban emigrants. (14ymedio)

“It is more expensive to buy three condoms in the informal market, than to pay rent,” says a young woman to her friend outside a pharmacy located on Avenida Carlos III. “My boyfriend can’t find them and they’re so expensive he can’t afford them, so we’re not using them and that’s what God wants,” she said anguished.

“We are in a country where the main weapon to stop the disease, which is the use of condoms, does not exist right now,” was one of the comments that could be read today on the social network Facebook, where Cubans criticized the poor performance of the State to comply with delivery plans to businesses.

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  • I am one of those who brings condoms from the US. Leaving tomorrow and have 4 packages of around 50-60 each. They are very much appreciated in these times of shortages. Every year I attend the Gay Pride event and parade in Orlando, Florida. Many booths giving away marketing goodies and condoms. I always ask if they have enough for locals so I can take some to Cuba. One booth worker was Cuban so understood the need. Not only did he give me around 500 condoms but also a rainbow backpack to carry them in. Since I only am carrying about 200 this trip, I will have another 500 for my next trip when I will have more space. Next trip I will stop in Havana and make sure to visit Cuba Libro, the English language reading room / coffee shop. They give away vast amounts of condoms, especially female condoms, to anyone in need.

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