In Houston, George Floyd Is Remembered by His Family and Thousands

By Democracy Now

In Houston, Texas, thousands gathered Monday to pay their respects to George Floyd two weeks after he was killed by police in Minneapolis. His brother Terrence Floyd spoke to reporters in front of a memorial at the Fountain of Praise church, where a public viewing was held.

Terrence Floyd: “And I’ll tell you what: If he was told he would have to sacrifice his life to bring the world together, and knowing him, I know he would have did it. And, I mean, again, I love this love, and we’re all hurting as a family.”

The Reverend Al Sharpton appeared with George Floyd’s brothers, along with relatives of Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Botham Jean, Ahmaud Arbery and Michael Brown. The Floyd family’s attorney, Benjamin Crump, also spoke.

Benjamin Crump: “Either America will destroy racism, or racism will destroy America. In the name of George Floyd.”

George Floyd’s funeral is today in Houston, his hometown. He will then be buried next to his mother.

One thought on “In Houston, George Floyd Is Remembered by His Family and Thousands

  • When George Floyd was alive he seems to have been a normal, ordinary guy.
    He was robbed of his life but in death he is becoming a very special and extraordinary guy and very could well prove to be the catalyst for a lot of change.

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