Indigenous Ceramics find in Villa Clara

HAVANA TIMES, July 28 — The finding for the first time of abundant pieces made out of shells, among them corporal adornments, demonstrates the possible presence of farmer-potters among the indigenous people of central northern Cuba, Villa Clara province. Raúl Villavicencio, an archaeologist from the Centre for Environmental Studies and Services (CESAM) in that territory, explained to the Cuban media that the advanced technique used reflects a high level of development in primitive communities, since up to now there only existed traces of agricultural hunters in the province, reported IPS.

One thought on “Indigenous Ceramics find in Villa Clara

  • I think the understanding today is that ‘hunter-gatherer’ societies were always capable of “farming” per se — and always engaged in it in marginal ways — unless and until circumstances (like population pressures) forced them to actually rely on farming methods more and more as a mainstay. So it’s not a surprise AFAIK to find evidence of it popping up all over the place. So why not in Cuba and all the Antilles.

    I still want to read more about giant owls and ground sloths, tho’…

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