Intense Cuba Coverage of Libya War

Moammar Gadhafi. photo:

HAVANA TIMES, August 21 — Cuba dedicates ample space Sunday in its official media to the deteriorating situation in Libya for the government of Moammar Gadhafi, who says he will fight to the end as rebels have finally entered the capital Tripoli.

Cuba has maintained support of Libya against what it considers a foreign intervention by NATO forces.

At this time, the top six articles on, the leading government website are:

– More than 300 dead and a thousand wounded in Libya, says the government

– Libyan Opposition in the Green Square of Tripoli, capture son of Gahhafi

– NATO sharpshooters create panic in Tripoli

– Commotion in the hotel where foreign press stays

– Gadhafi says he will stay in Libya to the end

-The demolition of Tripoli, sonic bombs, rockets bomb governmental palace

3 thoughts on “Intense Cuba Coverage of Libya War

  • Sadly both Venezuela and Cuba’s foreign policy of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” is more like a capitalist country like the USA. Both have been on the wrong side of the barricades recently when it comes to Libya, Syria,Iran and Sri Lanka to name a few.

    Marxists and socialists practice one of Proletarin Internationalism.

    Alan woods of the International Marxist Tendency has a great article on Libya below>

    After the fall of Tripoli: The way forward for the Libyan Revolution

  • Asindu,
    if you sincerely support Libya, you must feel happy that the Libyan people rejoice at the end of the Gadhafi regime. Or do you confuse Libya with the old Gadhafi regime?

  • Nato Army is very bad. America is a powerfull country attacking an Arabian country. This is a not good. I don’t like America. America is a murderer. I support Libya an Arabian country.

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