Iran also Sends Ship of Food to Venezuela in Crisis

Iranian ship carrying food arrives in Venezuela on the heels of five tankers with gasoline

El buque comercial iraní llamado Golsan ya está en Venezuela. Foto: hispantv /

HAVANA TIMES An Iranian ship carrying food has arrived in the Venezuelan capital, Caracas, Iranian state news agency IRNA reported on Monday, amid a scarcity of basic goods in the South American country sparked by a shortage of foreign currency, reported dpa news.

The goods are to stock the first Iranian supermarket in Caracas, the Iranian embassy in Venezuela said. Iran recently sent five oil tankers to its South American ally.

The foreign currency shortage means that Venezuela is barely able to import food, medicine and everyday necessities. US sanctions against President Nicolas Maduro’s regime have also made importation difficult.

Since early 2019 socialist Maduro has fought a bitter power struggle against self-appointed interim president Juan Guaido. The humanitarian and political crisis has prompted millions to leave the country.

One thought on “Iran also Sends Ship of Food to Venezuela in Crisis

  • Time for Maduro to take a permanent vacation. Maybe he will get the first tourist visa when Cuba re-opens.
    What a jolly time awaits him, partying with Diaz-Canel, little tubby Bruno Rodriguez and laugh a minute Marrero. They might even make him Minister of Finance and based upon his experience, introduce a new currency to replace both the peso and Cuban convertible and replace the signature Che, with Nick!

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