The procession of Chavez’s coffin being moved to the Caracas Military Museum. Photo:

HAVANA TIMES — Plans to embalm the body of Hugo Chavez and put him on permanent display were called off on Friday, reported dpa news.

On Wednesday, interim President Nicolas Maduro had said that doubts had arisen about the embalming process, hinting that precious time had been lost in the prolonged wake.

Maduro based his statement on the expert opinion of Russian and German scientists.

The latest statement notes: “To carry out the procedure the body would have to be sent to Russia for a period of 7 or 8 months,” said the minister of communications, Ernesto Villegas. “After receiving this report the idea of embalming was definitely discarded.”

Also on Friday, the 11th day after Hugo Chavez died, his remains were transferred in a massive procession to the Caracas Military Museum, where they will remain “until the family decides the final destination.”

Bolivian President Evo Morales and numerous Venezuelan officials accompanied the massive procession moving the coffin.


6 thoughts on “It’s Decided: Chavez Won’t Be Embalmed

  • This from Sabina Becker’s blog, By the way, it appears that Chavecito will not be embalmed and placed in a glass casket in the National Pantheon, as was initially suggested.Information minister Ernesto Villegas announced as much today(Friday). It turns out that the process that would have preserved him in a displayable state like Lenin would have taken 7 or 8 months (!), and would have required the transportation of his body to Russia for that time. Not good in the event that he might need to be exhumed if there is a public inquiry into the causes of his death. And not a very desirable circumstance for a people that don’t want to part with him ever again.

    As for everything the oppo’s and many of this list say, who seem to know very little and take everything out of content and context ( I’m being nice) here is an article in Spanish on what general Arcay said ( I watched the transfer and ceremony streaming live) and Alan Woods audio speaking on the life of Hugo Chavez and the future of the Venezuelan Revolution.

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