Jane Fonda Interviewed at Sundance


HAVANA TIMES – Amy Goodman of Democracy Now conducted an in-depth interview with political activist, feminist and Academy Award-winning actress Jane Fonda at the Sundance Film Festival, where she is the focus of a new documentary, “Jane Fonda in Five Acts.”

As actresses in Hollywood are being recognized for speaking out in the Time’s Up movement against sexual harassment and abuse, Fonda discusses how she has consistently challenged power, from opposing the war in Vietnam to organizing around civil rights and economic justice.


One thought on “Jane Fonda Interviewed at Sundance

  • !Cripes! She’s still apologizing for her little caper in 1972 with the anti-aircraft gun in Viet-Nam! Why not have the courage of your convictions, instead of changing them to fit the times?! As to be expected, her analyses are off the mark. Why worry about local radio and television stations being bought up by Sinclair and other right-wing outfits? Who watches or listens to these, anyway? Only old fogies, young white lumpen fodder for the fascists, etc. Most younger folks could either care less, or get their news from a vast variety of sources on the net. Finally, what is it with her face? It has the same “waxy” look as Stalin’s in the film about the latter’s (fictionalized) arrival in Berlin after the war (see YouTube). I still think Fonda’s best role was that of Barbarella in the film of the same name. (Maybe Klute, too).

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