Jazz Plaza Starts Today in Havana

Chucho Valdes at a previous Jazz Plaza Festival. Photo: Caridad

HAVANA TIMES — The 28th annual Jazz Plaza International Festival will begin its performances starting today and continue through Sunday December 23 at several institutions in the capital.

The official opening of the event will take place at the Mella Theater, where the audience at this traditional celebration can enjoy a concert by award-winning Cuban pianist Chucho Valdes.

At the same time, being presented at the Vedado district’s “Casa de Cultura” is the Brazilian duo Caramuru-Balance, the US group Wild Magic Trio and saxophonist Jimmy Sommers, along with Cuban artists Achy Lam y Afrocuba, Carlos Averfoff hijo and Wil Campa y su banda.

One thought on “Jazz Plaza Starts Today in Havana

  • The immeasurable wealth of jazz talent in Cuba is one of only a few truly valuable assets that should be protected should the regime change finally come to fruition.

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