Journalist and Cameraman Murdered in Honduras

Journalist German Vallecillo began his birthday on July 1st receiving messages from his friends, later he was murdered. Foto:

HAVANA TIMES – A journalist and a cameraman have been killed in the Honduran town of La Ceiba, in the north of the Central American country, by a group of armed men. The incident again places Honduras as one of the most dangerous countries in the region to exercise journalism, reported Europa Press.

The two victims, the journalist German Vallecillo and the cameraman Jorge Posas, were shot at when they were inside a vehicle. Both worked for the local network 45 TV, which condemned the killings and broadcast condolences messages from authorities and organizations.

The security forces have detained four persons in the operations carried out after this double crime, including two who were considered directly involved in the attack. They have also seized the car in which the assailants allegedly traveled, according to La Prensa newspaper.

This is the first murder of a journalist in Honduras in 2020, after 2019 closed with one fatality. Since 2001, 82 people linked to the media in the Central American country have been murdered. Organizations that defend Human Rights report that most of these crimes go unpunished.

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  • Honduras. The country that was subject to Hillary Clinton’s golpe, and which remains well under the radar of the average Yuma, unless of course you are referring to one of those caravans of dangerous, malnourished women and children trying to storm our borders. I applaud HT for reporting on the rest of Latin America with articles like this. Particularly when it involves a country like Honduras, which has been under US domination and influence for centuries now. Readers, at least the ones that are intellectually honest, can make their own comparisons with Cuba and their own conclusions. The most shrill critics of Cuba, that unfailingly post numerous comments on articles involving problems in Cuba, are rarely seen here.

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