Journalist Miguel Mora’s Wife & Son Hospitalized with Covid-19

Veronica, Miguelito and Miguel

Editorial from 100% Noticias

HAVANA TIMES – Our former Executive Director, journalist Veronica Chavez and her handicapped son Miguel Alejandro Mora Chavez are infected with Covid-19, which is hitting the Nicaraguan people extremely hard. Thanks to solidarity, both are at the Vivian Pellas Hospital in Managua. Miguelito has been in the ICU since September 15 and this Sunday the 19th, Veronica was rushed into the ICU.

The Mora Chavez family are going through a difficult time, since our former director,  journalist Miguel Mora, is in the El Nuevo Chipote jail, falsely accused by the Ortega-Murillo regime.

“I ask the Nicaraguan people for their prayers. Miguelito’s state of health is very delicate, so it is important that my husband Miguel be released. The child has a very high emotional dependance on his dad,” Veronica said briefly before entering the hospital.

Miguelito, is 21 years old and during these 91 days of his father’s imprisonment, he has suffered his absence. Miguelito is Mora and Chavez’s “giant baby.” The boy was born prematurely, had to be assisted by a machine to mature his lungs, but the pressure caused a blood clot in the brain.

After several surgeries as a newborn, the boy had acquired cerebral and motor palsy. “Miguel has led this struggle. He took struggling for his son very seriously. He loves him,” Chavez said in an interview published in La Prensa on September 5th.

“My son needs for his father to return. This is real. Our reality is that Miguelito is very emotionally affected by what he saw when his father was abducted from our home,” highlighted Veronica in La Prensa.

Veronica has been a brave woman. She has been demanding her husband’s release and every day she had to go three times, to deliver a bottle of water that was received in El Chipote. Today she is unable to because she is affected with coronavirus and hospitalized.

In December 2018, Veronica was detained in El Chipote for about three hours, after the raid and arrest of both Mora and our current director Lucia Pineda. She faced a tortuous process of humiliation that the regime makes the relatives of political prisoners go through. And she was a strong voice demanding freedom for all political prisoners. As co-owner of 100% Noticias, she is the victim of the confiscation, the freezing of her accounts done by the dictatorship to the company after the raid and theft of the facilities and equipment.

In October 2020, Veronica was hospitalized after being hit by a stone from Sandinista paramilitaries in Masaya, when she was with Mora at an activity of the National Coalition. Chavez was between life and death, in ICU and recovered. But the assassination attempt remains unpunished and this year, the Prosecution that shelved the complaint for the attack on Chavez, summoned her to an interview in the case of the Violeta Barrios de Chamorro Foundation, as has happened with more than 150 people, including journalists and media directors.

Mora’s Lawyer requested change of measure

At the initial hearing where the judge decided to confirm the preventive imprisonment in the political trial of Miguel Mora, his lawyer Gerardo González Riega, requested an alternative measure other than prison for Mora, for him to care for his child who emotionally depends on his father. The judge denied the request.

Through 100% Noticias, we have made public the situation of the Mora Chavez family, with Miguel in prison, his wife and son sick with coronavirus.

We ask the people of Nicaragua to raise their prayers for Veronica, Miguelito and Miguel in the face of difficult moments that the family goes through, after the escalation of the persecution by the Ortega-Murillo regime that once again imprisoned our former director, who is completely innocent.

Mora is accused with other opposition leaders for alleged “conspiracy to undermine national integrity” and the prosecution presented as “evidence” tweets and retweets of news.

The Ortega regime assaulted the 100% Noticias Channel on December 21, 2018, and arrested Mora and journalist Lucia Pineda. Both spent six months in prison. They were amnestied by a law approved by the National Assembly. Now the regime charges Miguel Mora for deeds during that period when he was in jail, thus being further evidence of the fabrication of crimes.

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