Juanes Cuba Bash Three Weeks Away

Havana's Plaza of the Revolution is the venue for Juanes' Peace without Borders concert on Sept. 20.
Havana's Plaza of the Revolution is the venue for Juanes' Peace without Borders concert on Sept. 20.By Circles Robinson

By Circles Robinson

HAVANA TIMES, August 30 – Juanes much talked about Peace without Borders concert in Havana’s Plaza of the Revolution is now only three weeks away and according to the chief protagonist plans continue full speed ahead despite threats on his life.

The popular Colombian-born singer told AP in an interview on Friday night that he wished there wasn’t such a heated reaction to his decision to perform in neighboring Cuba.

“I have had the opportunity of talking with several leaders of the [Cuban-American] community to tell them what this is all about and that’s the only truth that exists. The rest I can’t control. If they say that I am a communist, that Juanes has political intentions … I can only control what’s in my heart, what’s in my mind. We know what we are doing and why we are doing it,” Juanes said.

The far right Miami Cuban exile groups have called the singer a communist sympathizer over wanting to perform in Cuba and death treats have been sent to him through the social network Twitter.

Juanes, who performed at New York’s Madison Square Garden Friday, said he wasn’t surprised by the reaction to his decision. “I been living in Miami for seven years, and the first time I visited Miami was 10 or more years ago, so I know what happened in Miami with the Cuba issue and with all these things before (we decided) to go to Cuba to do this event,” he told AP.

“We just believe that music and culture has a possibility to bring people together to send message of peace, of respect, of tolerance.  So we decided to go to Cuba, we hope that everything is going to be OK and fine after the concert,” added Juanes.

Also scheduled to perform on Sept. 20 are Cuba’s icon folk singer Silvio Rodriguez and its banner salsa dance band Los Van Van and other yet to be announced international guests.

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  • The Cuban exiles that are threatening the entertainer doing this concert need to have their exile status moved to an island someplace so they can make a government that pleases them. But wait, they wouldn’t have the taxpayer supported programs in the United States that they are sucking on. They don’t want the hard work of changing their own country – they are waiting to see what more this country is going to give them. They are overbearing, loud, demanding, bums.

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