Juanes and other international artists to play in Cuba on Sept. 20.
Juanes and other international artists to play in Cuba on Sept. 20.

HAVANA TIMES, August 14 – The trip to Cuba and the concert for peace on September 20 is “a sign that it’s time to change mentalities,” affirmed Colombian singer Juanes in statements to the US Univision TV channel.

The artist has been strongly criticized by anti-Castro sectors of the Cuban exile community in the United States, who are against his project of performing in the island’s capital along with several other popular international artists, reported IPS.

The concert will take place in the Plaza of the Revolution and tens of thousands of Cubans can be expected to attend. Juanes was in Cuba recently to explore arrangements for the concert.

13 thoughts on “Juanes: It’s time to change mentalities

  • I agree with what Juanes is saying: That it is time to change mentalities. It’s very dissapointing to learn that Cuban Americans in Miami are very much against the concert. They are forgetting the real ideals behind it. Arts has a way of trenscending politics as it can be a common bond between people and nations.

  • I think Juanes is right Music is music, Politics is another complete different subject.
    The cubans that are oppose have the right to their opinion but they do not understand that freedom is the right to choose and to accept other people way of thinking.
    Please we are in a democratic society free your minds.

  • Why are exiled Cubans so bent on denying the right of expression to anyone but themselves?

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